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Cedric Huges如果您在卑斯省保险公司需要帮助办理相关事宜,或关于人身伤害需要法律咨询时,请与我们联络,我们将为您提供信息和对您潜在的索赔提供意见。Hughes法律公司提供的这些资料只可作为参考,不能用来当做司法建议。每个案件都是不一样的,不管是否与您的处境多么相似,此网站的信息并不能作为是法律意见。


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Hughes and Company Locations

Road Rules

Interested in the Rules of the Road here in BC?  Check out our blog on


Cedric was a fantastic Lawyer.  He really came through for us.
R. Miles, Coquitlam, BC




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Address: 505-777 West Broadway Vancouver, BC V5Z 4J7
Phone: (604) 602 1828 or 1 (877) 888 6028
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